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Are you planning to reconstruct your home? Have you always wished for a complete home makeover? Are you in need of more space for your growing family? Do not put it off for later and just spend your time thinking about what might be! Whatever needs, problems or desires you may have,Paramount Remodeling Company Inc is the right choice for your home remodeler.

Anything you want and everything you can think of, we can accomplish. Set your imagination free! Describe or draw us your ideas and our team will turn your project into reality. We even give you a free estimate of the costs.

Paramount Remodeling Company Inc is one of the oldest and most reputable home remodeling companies in Denver, CO. We have been in service to the community for more than 18 years and are well-known for our impeccable work in transforming regular homes into luxurious objects of art. Our constant efforts in the name of perfection and customer satisfaction are the qualities that bring us at the leading home and kitchen remodeling companies in the area.

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We have been in the remodeling business since 1995 and throughout the years have gained a deserved reputation for our outstanding work. We take care of everything, from planning and design to the final touches. Our field of expertise features custom kitchen cabinets, bathrooms, windows, garages and even entire custom homes. Our home remodeling company builds pop tops as well as basements in houses with no space, or opportunity to expand. We are the leading remodeler company in rooms additions for Denver, CO.

With 18 years of experience behind us, a wide variety of services and skilled contractors we are undoubtedly the winners choice when it comes to remodeling. We are licensed and certified professionals, outfitted with the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and tools. We work only with quality products and supplies in order to ensure the best results are attained. Our price range is competitive and affordable without compromising the quality of our work or materials. We take payments in checks and cash. Our system of payment is based on the progress we make on the project. That way you see what you pay for and can choose to make changes if you do not approve of the result.
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Home remodeling services are an improvement which does not just change your house, it changes your routine, habits, lifestyle and self-esteem. That is why we go the extra mile in ensuring our customers every need is met and every wish satisfied. We pride ourselves in having a wide variety of services that very few of our competitors can offer.

Paramount Remodeling Company Inc is amongst the leading home and kitchen remodeling companies in Denver, CO and surrounding areas, providing a second to none remodeling service for the community. Our home remodeling company specialize in custom homes, basement finishing, pop tops, kitchens, bathrooms, garages, windows and rooms additions in houses with space to expand. We are the people, who turn basements in Denver, CO from dusty storage spaces, to warm and comfortable rooms with a unique atmosphere, that you can really enjoy. Call us now and do not forget! We offer free estimates on every project.

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